Thoughts from The Strategic CFO: Staying on Strategy

Are You Playing Chess or Checkers?

Are you playing chess or checkers?  For every executive, this question is important in deciding on how we spend our time and our talent. Take a moment and think about the strategy for your business. What are you doing to move that strategy forward in making the operation run more smoothly, building relationships with customers & leaders, and understanding the key drivers of the business? If your meetings and projects don’t support those ends, you should be spending your time differently by learning how to look at the problem from your opponent’s point of view. Just the fact that you are surveying the whole landscape or chess board and not just the financials will move you from being a super accountant to an operations leader. Your strategic competency is a vital part of both your and your business’ success.

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Start Playing Chess – think about the strategy, plan three moves ahead, and watch the clock – become the Grandmaster of your career!


Julie Cavanna-Jerbic,

Managing Director Iron Butterfly Consulting LLC